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OBJECTIVE To examine the efficacy and safety of conservative management of mild otitis media ("the acute red ear") in children. DESIGN Double blind placebo controlled trial. SETTING 17 group general practices (48 general practitioners) in Southampton, Bristol, and Portsmouth. PATIENTS 232 children aged 3-10 years with acute earache and at least one(More)
Thirty men treated in childhood with cyclophosphamide for a mean of 280 days were assessed at a mean of 12.8 years after treatment for hormone concentrations and spermatogenesis. Four were azoospermic, nine oligospermic, and 17 normospermic. There was a significant inverse correlation of sperm density with cyclophosphamide dosage and duration of treatment.(More)
The gonadal function of 18 women who were treated for childhood nephrotic syndrome at a mean age of 10.7 years with cyclophosphamide (mean dosage, 28 gm; mean duration of therapy, 354 days) was evaluated at a mean of 14.5 years after treatment by means of detailed questionnaires. Menstrual patterns were normal in all except two, who were still receiving(More)
OBJECTIVE To evaluate patients' views on the process and outcome of day surgery in Scotland, and to study patients' satisfaction with care in a range of specific procedures. DESIGN Questionnaires completed by a census of day case surgery patients within a band of 25 procedures under the umbrella of five broad groups: (1) general surgery; (2) urology; (3)(More)
Analysis of semen from 16 patients treated with cyclophosphamide for nephrotic syndrome showed azoospermia in three and oligospermia in seven. Analysis was normal in the other six. Prolonged treatment, particularly with larger total dosage, was associated with a higher incidence of gonadal dysfunction. Recovery was not evident at follow-up, 2 years and 9(More)
Otitis media with effusion (OME) is both extremely common in young children, and variable in its duration and severity. This study aims to gather and consider new and reliable information about the incidence and prevalence of OME in British school children. Eight hundred and fifty-six school children aged five to eight years from four South West Hampshire(More)
A prospective study was carried out in 274 children aged 3 to 10 years with acute otitis media. They were randomly allocated to one of two treatment regimens: (a) a seven day course of amoxycillin 125 mg three times a day, and (b) a two day course of amoxycillin 750 mg twice a day. They were followed up by symptom diaries and clinical examination. The(More)
BACKGROUND Despite evidence that uncomplicated lower respiratory tract infection (cough) does not respond appreciably to antibiotics and that bacterial resistance is increasing, general practitioners (GPs) still prescribe frequently. AIM To assess delayed antibiotic prescribing as a strategy for reducing the unnecessary use of antibiotics for cough in(More)
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This study involved a meta-analysis of randomised control studies of the treatment of acute otitis media and judged the characteristics of these trials on the basis of methods, age groups, interventions, and outcomes. An investigation of the eight trials reported in the meta-analysis of clinical trials revealed that the number of children entered per doctor(More)