Jessica Bailey Blackburn

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Genetic and environmental factors, such as metals, interact to determine neurological traits. We reasoned that interactomes of molecules handling metals in neurons should include novel metal homeostasis pathways. We focused on copper and its transporter ATP7A because ATP7A null mutations cause neurodegeneration. We performed ATP7A immunoaffinity(More)
The conserved oligomeric Golgi (COG) complex is a peripheral membrane protein complex which orchestrates tethering of intra-Golgi vesicles. We found that COG1-4 (lobe A) and 5-8 (lobe B) protein assemblies are present as independent sub-complexes on cell membranes. Super-resolution microscopy demonstrates that COG sub-complexes are spatially separated on(More)
The conserved oligomeric Golgi (COG) complex is a key evolutionally conserved multisubunit protein machinery that regulates tethering and fusion of intra-Golgi transport vesicles. The Golgi apparatus specifically promotes sorting and complex glycosylation of glycoconjugates. Without proper glycosylation and processing, proteins and lipids will be(More)
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