Jessica Ann McGee

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Three hundred seventy-five patients with CIN on referral Pap and with a distinct cervical lesion on colposcopy were prospectively randomized to treatment with LLETZ or to standard colposcopic evaluation with directed cervical biopsies, endocervical curettage, and laser ablation of the transformation zone for biopsy proven CIN. Of the 195 patients that(More)
Large loop excision of the transformation zone (LLETZ) provides a pathologic specimen similar to a cold-knife cone (CKC) biopsy of the cervix. One hundred twenty women with indications for a cone biopsy were evaluated with LLETZ to determine if this procedure is an acceptable alternative to traditional cold-knife conization of the cervix. All patients had(More)
Contrast enema was performed in a select group of 126 neonates with ambiguous diagnosis of necrotizing enterolcolitis (NEC). Enema findings were compared with that on plain abdominal radiographs (AXR) and the clinical outcome. Thirty-one of the 34 patients with a discharge diagnosis of NEC were interpreted to have a positive contrast enema, and 91 of the 92(More)
To determine whether semiquantitative glucose measurements of spot urine specimens accurately reflect prevailing plasma glucose levels, we compared reported levels from 400 second-voided urines to simultaneous plasma determinations from 246 adult diabetics. Quantitative urine levels and plasma glucose levels correlated. However, when semiquantitative(More)
OBJECTIVES To determine the incidence of aspiration-related respiratory failure and nutrition interruptions in children with bronchiolitis on high-flow nasal cannula (HFNC) receiving enteral nutrition. METHODS We performed a single-center, prospective, observational cohort study within a 313-bed tertiary medical center from January through December 2015.(More)