Jessica Ann Lohnberg

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Complex regional pain syndrome (CRPS) is a disabling pain condition poorly understood by medical professionals. Because CRPS is particularly enigmatic, and has significant impact on patient function, researchers have examined psychological processes present among patients with this diagnosis. This systematic review examines psychosocial factors associated(More)
Posttraumatic growth has been demonstrated to occur following the diagnosis and treatment of cancer. Still unknown is whether patients expect such growth, how growth is perceived at early points in time that follow the cancer experience, and whether patient reports of growth are corroborated by others. Participants were 87 patients and 55 collaterals who(More)
Despite substantial evidence for their effectiveness in treating disordered eating and obesity, mindfulness-based treatments have not been broadly implemented among Veterans. A number of reviews have reported mindfulness to be beneficial in promoting healthy eating behaviors and weight loss among non-Veteran samples. We discuss this approach in the context(More)
BACKGROUND The rates of obesity and substance abuse are high among US veterans. OBJECTIVE To examine weight loss and substance abuse rates following bariatric surgery in veterans with a history of substance abuse (SA). METHODS A prospective database of consecutive bariatric operations was reviewed. Data for SA patients were compared to patients without(More)
PURPOSE This study investigated the presence and influence of intrusive thoughts among adults previously diagnosed with complex regional pain syndrome. METHOD The present study used an Internet-based survey completed by a sample (N = 326) from two national organizations. RESULTS After controlling for age, gender, and pain level, intrusive thoughts were(More)
An examination of the psychosocial profile of individuals with complex regional pain syndrome." PhD 1 ABSTRACT This study sought to provide a description of the psychosocial profile of persons with complex regional pain syndrome (CRPS). CRPS is an excruciatingly painful and debilitating condition that is poorly understood by medical professionals. Its(More)
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