Jessica Ann Freeman

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BACKGROUND AND PURPOSE Collaborative goal setting (between patient and professional) confers benefits within stroke and neurological rehabilitation, and is recommended in clinical guidelines. However, evidence suggests that patient participation in rehabilitation goal setting is not maximized, particularly within the hospital setting. The purpose of this(More)
A promising instrumental technique has been investigated to rapidly screen complex environmental samples for chemical contaminants having the propensity to covalently bond to biomacromolecules such as DNA. Radical molecular ions of pyridine, a model compound for nucleophilic bases of DNA, were mass-selected and allowed to react with electrophilic(More)
The purpose of the current study was to characterize autobiographical memory (AM) in terms of its general episodic, emotional, and experiential components in order to examine gender differences in how positive life experiences are remembered. Participants were asked to recall pleasurable memories in response to positive adjectives. For each adjective,(More)
The unique capability of the RA-2 to return not only the 18 Hz averaged waveform data but also short segments of the full resolution 1800 Hz 'burst' echoes gives a valuable opportunity to study both the detailed response of different land and ocean surfaces, as well as the operation of the instrument. The first stage in utilising these data is to duplicate(More)
We hypothesized that food amount accuracy scores would be worse from memory than when food is in plain sight. Unit quantity estimates and BMI were obtained from 73 undergraduate participants for cheese puffs in two containers either having small units, more numbers (S) or large units, fewer numbers (L). Participants estimated with food visible or occluded.(More)