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The insulin receptor binding of human and pork insulin was measured in four different pork brain tissues. In medial hypothalamus, infundibulum of pituitary gland, neurohypophysis, and adenohypophysis insulin receptors were found. Binding of mono-125I-(TyrA14)-insulin proceeded rapidly at 37 degrees C, pH 7.4, and reached a steady state for human and pork(More)
Phylogenetic diversity (PD) is an emerging tool for prioritising species in biodiversity conservation problems. PD uses the evolutionary history of a group of species to provide a formal measure of their biodiversity. This provides an objective target for biodiversity conservation, in which decisions are frequently made for political reasons or according to(More)
Three main aspects are presented: the current knowledge of structure, function and regulation of the genes coding for mRNAs is first examined. The central role of specific protein-DNA and protein-protein interactions is outlined. The two mechanisms of the hormonal regulation of genome expression, are then investigated. Hydrophobic hormones (steroid or(More)