Jessica Aceto

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We have characterized the avian angiotensin II (AII) cardiac receptor and provide data that this receptor couples to both mechanical activity and phospholipid metabolism in the avian heart. In 10-day-old chicks, 125I-AII bound to a high affinity site (Kd = 10 nmol) and a low affinity site (Kd = 79.4 nmol) with estimated binding capacities of 531 and 1330(More)
In many biological studies, scientists assess effects of experimental conditions by visual inspection of microscopy images. They are able to observe whether a protein is expressed or not, if cells are going through normal cell cycles, how organisms evolve in different experimental conditions, etc. But, with the large number of images acquired in(More)
Teleost fish such as zebrafish (Danio rerio) are increasingly used for physiological, genetic and developmental studies. Our understanding of the physiological consequences of altered gravity in an entire organism is still incomplete. We used altered gravity and drug treatment experiments to evaluate their effects specifically on bone formation and more(More)
Physiological modifications in near weightlessness, as experienced by astronauts during space flight, have been the subject of numerous studies. Various animal models have been used on space missions or in microgravity simulation on ground to understand the effects of gravity on living animals. Here, we used the zebrafish larvae as a model to study the(More)
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