Jessica A Ziegler

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iii ACKNOWLEDGMENTS Many people contributed in significant ways to this study. We thank Laura Ginsburg, Wayne Gordon, and Richard Muller at the U.S. Department of Labor for their continued support, information, and feedback, all of which were necessary to the successful completion of this report. Their colleagues in the Women's Bureau and the Office of(More)
We compared the motor vehicle driving records of 104 former heroin users during 1 year of heroin use before admission to methadone maintenance with their records during 1 year after admission while they were maintained on methadone. We found a statistically significant increase in convictions for speeding from the year on heroin to the year on methadone,(More)
Research on desistance and parenthood has yielded mixed results bringing into question whether, and for whom, parenthood matters. Scholarship has not fully explored the importance of residency status or patterns of desistance across a full range of neighborhood contexts, nor examined distinctions between temporary and long-term desistance. Our study uses(More)
ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS The study team would like to thank the many individuals who contributed to the development of this evaluation report. We truly appreciate all of their efforts. Most importantly, this study would not have been possible without the patience and generosity of the administrators, staff members, employers, and youth who participated in the(More)
Quinones function as electron transport cofactors in photosynthesis and cellular respiration. The versatility and functional diversity of quinones is primarily due to the diverse midpoint potentials that are tuned by the substituent effects and interactions with surrounding amino acid residues in the binding site in the protein. In the present study, a(More)
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