Jessica A. Talamas

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Methanogenesis, the biological production of methane, plays a pivotal role in the global carbon cycle and contributes significantly to global warming. The majority of methane in nature is derived from acetate. Here we report the complete genome sequence of an acetate-utilizing methanogen, Methanosarcina acetivorans C2A. Methanosarcineae are the most(More)
In metazoa, nuclear pore complexes (NPCs) assemble from disassembled precursors into a reforming nuclear envelope (NE) at the end of mitosis and into growing intact NEs during interphase. Here, we show via RNAi-mediated knockdown that ELYS, a nucleoporin critical for the recruitment of the essential Nup107/160 complex to chromatin, is required for NPC(More)
Nuclear pore complexes (NPCs) assemble at the end of mitosis during nuclear envelope (NE) reformation and into an intact NE as cells progress through interphase. Although recent studies have shown that NPC formation occurs by two different molecular mechanisms at two distinct cell cycle stages, little is known about the molecular players that mediate the(More)
The International Human Genome Sequencing Consortium (IHGSC) recently completed a sequence of the human genome. As part of this project, we have focused on chromosome 8. Although some chromosomes exhibit extreme characteristics in terms of length, gene content, repeat content and fraction segmentally duplicated, chromosome 8 is distinctly typical in(More)
We present a miniaturized pull-down method for the detection of protein-protein interactions using standard affinity chromatography reagents. Binding events between different proteins, which are color-coded with quantum dots (QDs), are visualized on single affinity chromatography beads by fluorescence microscopy. The use of QDs for single molecule detection(More)
Chromosome 18 appears to have the lowest gene density of any human chromosome and is one of only three chromosomes for which trisomic individuals survive to term. There are also a number of genetic disorders stemming from chromosome 18 trisomy and aneuploidy. Here we report the finished sequence and gene annotation of human chromosome 18, which will allow a(More)
Nuclear pore complex components (Nups) have been implicated in transcriptional regulation, yet what regulatory steps are controlled by metazoan Nups remains unclear. We identified the presence of multiple Nups at promoters, enhancers, and insulators in the Drosophila genome. In line with this binding, we uncovered a functional role for Nup98 in mediating(More)
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