Jessica A Pommy

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UNLABELLED Several lines of evidence suggest that classic (5HT2A agonist) hallucinogens have clinically relevant effects in alcohol and drug addiction. Although recent studies have investigated the effects of psilocybin in various populations, there have been no studies on the efficacy of psilocybin for alcohol dependence. We conducted a single-group(More)
BACKGROUND Adolescence is a period in which cognition and brain undergo dramatic parallel development. Whereas chronic use of alcohol and marijuana is known to cause cognitive impairments in adults, far less is known about the effect of these substances of abuse on adolescent cognition, including possible interactions with developmental processes. METHODS(More)
OBJECTIVES One of the most prominent features of schizophrenia is relatively lower general cognitive ability (GCA). An emerging approach to understanding the roots of variation in GCA relies on network properties of the brain. In this multi-center study, we determined global characteristics of brain networks using graph theory and related these to GCA in(More)
BACKGROUND Cognitive deficits are prominent in schizophrenia and represent promising endophenotypes for genetic research. METHODS The current study investigated the importance of two conceptually distinct genetic aggregates, one based on copy number variations (uncommon deletion burden), and one based on single nucleotide polymorphisms identified in(More)
BACKGROUND General cognitive ability is usually lower in individuals with schizophrenia, partly due to genetic influences. However, the specific genetic features related to general cognitive ability are poorly understood. Individual variation in a specific type of mutation, uncommon genetic deletions, has recently been linked with both general cognitive(More)
BACKGROUND Relatively lower executive functioning is characteristic of individuals with schizophrenia. As low socio-economic status (SES) early in life (i.e. parent SES) has been linked with lower executive skills in healthy children, we hypothesized that parental SES (pSES) would be more strongly related to executive functioning in individuals with(More)
BACKGROUND Hoasca (also called ayahuasca) is a N,N-dimethyltryptamine (DMT) - containing psychedelic brew originally used for magico-religious purposes by Amerindian populations of the Amazon Basin. Recently, Brazilian syncretic churches have helped spread the ritual use of hoasca to Western societies. The aim of this study was to evaluate substance use,(More)
Background: Impairment in auditory sensory gating (ASG) has been documented in alcohol dependence [1]. Likewise, it has been shown that ASG becomes abnormal during alcohol administration in otherwise healthy individuals [2]. Patterns of gating abnormality associated with alcohol use are likely associated with an alcohol responsive neurochemical like(More)
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