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Speed-accuracy trade-offs strongly influence the rate of reward that can be earned in many decision-making tasks. Previous reports suggest that human participants often adopt suboptimal speed-accuracy trade-offs in single session, two-alternative forced-choice tasks. We investigated whether humans acquired optimal speed-accuracy trade-offs when extensively(More)
This paper presents some of the results from the Commission of the European Communities collaborative research program (contract number EV5V-CT92-0221), whose aim is to investigate the relationship between exposure to petroleum emissions, benzene, and induction of genetic damage in human cells. Twenty-four workers from petroleum plants in Poland and 35(More)
Previous research on patients' expectancies for improvement in clinical trials typically has been conducted after patients have already agreed to participate in a study. Depressed patients (n = 55) read 3 vignettes describing hypothetical clinical trials of antidepressant vs pill placebo, antidepressant vs antidepressant, and psychotherapy vs psychotherapy.(More)
Basic literacy skills underlie much future adult functioning, and are targeted in children through a variety of means. Children with reading problems were exposed either to a self-paced computer programme that focused on improving phonetic ability, or underwent a classroom-based reading intervention. Exposure was limited to 3 40-min sessions a week, for six(More)
Acoustic telemetry is one of the primary technologies for studying the behavior and survival of fishes throughout the world. The size and performance of the transmitter are key limiting factors. The newly developed injectable transmitter is the first acoustic transmitter that can be implanted via injection instead of surgery. A two-part field study was(More)
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