Jesse Tack

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We localized SERCA pumps to the inner region of alveolar sac membranes, facing the cell interior, by combining ultrastructural and biochemical methods. Immunogold labeling largely predominated in the inner alveolar sac region which displayed aggregates of intramembrane particles (IMPs). On image analysis, these represented oligomeric arrangements of(More)
Agricultural production is subject to supply risk. Expected and realized farm outputs and output prices are unknown and unobservable when inputs are chosen. Crop and livestock production decisions are linked over time. Producers' expectations are particularly difficult to model. This paper presents the necessary and sufficient condition to allow input(More)
Despite state of the art tracheo-esophageal (TE) voice-rehabilitation after laryn-gectomy, some patients are unable to produce voice of sufficient quality, because of hypotonicity or atonicity of their pharyngoesophageal (PE) segment. Furthermore, the TE voice is low pitched, which presents a problem especially for female laryngectomized patients. A(More)
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