Jesse T. Allison

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Distributed performance systems present many challenges to the artist in managing performance information, distribution and coordination of interface to many users, and cross platform support to provide a reasonable level of interaction to the widest possible user base. Now that many features of HTML 5 are implemented, powerful browser based interfaces can(More)
Developing for mobile and multimodal platforms is more important now than ever, as smartphones and tablets proliferate and mobile device orchestras become commonplace. We detail NexusUI, a JavaScript framework that enables rapid prototyping and development of expressive multitouch electronic instrument interfaces within a browser. Extensions of this project(More)
Core tangibles are tangible interface elements that support common behaviors across diverse computational systems. Where prior examples have centered upon passive tagged physical artifacts, we introduce complementary approaches employing and extending mass-market computational platforms. First, we show how several common smartphone platforms can serve core(More)
Programming Music Camp is a summer outreach camp designed to teach computer programming concepts to youths through the activity of music-making. Prior experiences teaching web audio technologies to secondary school students are described. The camp curriculum is then outlined, including the class activities of live coding, instrument design , and concert(More)
Mobile music applications are typically quite limiting to musicians , as they either attempt to mimic non-touchscreen interfaces or do not offer enough control. Pitch Canvas is a musical interface that was built specifically for the touch-screen, with the goal of providing the same depth and flexibility as traditional instruments without virtualizing an(More)
Aural-of or relateing to the ear or hearing Aura-an invisible breath, emanation, or radiation AR-Augmented Reality AuRal is an environmental audio system in which individual participants form ad hoc ensembles based on geolocation and affect the overall sound of the music associated with the location that they are in. The AuRal environment binds physical(More)
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