Jesse Sandhu Reid

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Laser Doppler flowmetry is a non-invasive electrooptical technique which allows the semi-quantitative recording of pulpal blood flow. This study aimed to determine the reliability (measured as the sensitivity and specificity) of laser Doppler flowmetry as a method of assessing the vitality of traumatised anterior teeth, and to compare it with standard(More)
Few data are available on the effects of high dose statin therapy on lipoprotein subfractions in type 2 diabetes. In a double blind randomised placebo-controlled trial we have studied the effects of 80 mg atorvastatin over 8 weeks on LDL, VLDL and HDL subfractions in 40 overweight type 2 diabetes patients. VLDL and LDL subfractions were prepared by density(More)
Four cases of regional odontodysplasia are described. Clinically erupted teeth appear hypoplastic and are often mobile. The radiographic appearance has given rise to the term 'ghost teeth' and the cases presented demonstrate this with short roots which are less well calcified than normal teeth. Clinical and radiographic findings showed that this condition(More)
Levels of free anti-(xanthine oxidoreductase) (XOR) antibodies in the serum of normal healthy human subjects were determined, using both human and bovine enzyme as antigen, in an enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay (ELISA). Levels of IgM class anti-(human XOR) antibodies were found to be particularly high (mean values representing approximately 3% of total(More)
This study investigated the weights of irrigant extruded apically through extracted primary molar teeth. The aim was to compare the weight of canal irrigant (isotonic sodium chloride solution) extruded through the root canal using either a syringe fitted with a 27-gauge needle or an endosonic unit. Root canals were divided randomly into five groups of 15(More)
Previous studies have shown that the caries detector dyes, basic fuchsin and acid red, lack specificity. Accordingly, their clinical use can lead to the unnecessary removal of sound tissue. In the present study, the specificity of three further dyes, Carbolan Green, Coomassie Blue and Lissamine Blue was studied. Carious dentine was removed in vitro by means(More)