Jesse Richmond

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A highly integrated 2.4GHz wireless communications platform for an Active RFID system supporting perpetual operation in indoor lighting conditions is presented. The system requires no external components except an antenna, two BAW resonators, a small solar panel, and a rechargeable battery. It is implemented in 65nm CMOS, comprising of a BAW-based(More)
The paleontologist Robert Broom developed an image of himself as a scientific rebel, assailing the centers of expert authority from the margins as he pursued a career whose idiosyncratic path was dictated less by the promise of professional security or material reward than by the whims of his curiosity and the desire to be free of institutional constraint.(More)
Paleoanthropologists and outside commentators have often remarked upon the apparent difficulty of securing shared belief among experts in the science of human evolution. The field has been and continues to be particularly prone to disagreement and even controversy among its practitioners to a degree that sets it apart from other areas of scientific inquiry.(More)
One of the fundamental limitations on all analog electronics circuits is the noise generated by the individual transistors. This project is a design of a system to allow laboratory measurements of the noise output by MOSFET transistors, of either N-channel or P-channel devices. The system currently extends frequency response to roughly 10 MHz with the(More)
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