Jesse Pentzer

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While decades of work and hundreds of research papers exist on unicycle robot control, the control of skid-steer robots is not yet as standardized due to the complexity of wheel slipping behavior. This work presents a method of utilizing the track or wheel Instantaneous Centers of Rotation (ICRs) on a skid-steer vehicle to map skid-steer dynamics to an(More)
An effort has been initiated to develop a portable system capable of measuring the magnetic signature of a surface ship. The system will employ a formation of multiple AUVs, each equipped with a magnetometer. The objective is to measure total magnetic field at specified locations relative to the surface ship. In the first step of system development, an(More)
This paper presents a kinematic extended Kalman filter (EKF) designed to estimate the location of track instantaneous centers of rotation (ICRs) and aid in model-based motion prediction of skid-steer robots. Utilizing an ICR-based kinematic model has resulted in impressive odometry estimates for skid-steer movement in previous works, but estimation of ICR(More)
Explosive ordinance disposal (EOD) robots are limited in endurance and range by the amount of energy available in the batteries used to power them. Continuously variable transmission (CVT) technology has developed quickly in recent years in the automotive field and is now being applied to smaller vehicles such as bicycles and electric scooters. This paper(More)
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