Jesse Musgrove

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Natural language plays a critical role in the design, development and maintenance of software systems. For example, bug reporting systems allow users to submit reports describing observed anomalies in free form English. However, the free form aspect makes the detection of duplicate reports a challenge due to the breadth and diversity of language used by(More)
In this paper, we present an approach to validation of system performance models for a Border Inspection Management System (BIMS), which guide the tradeoff between the throughput and security requirements. System models used to analyze the operational status of an application and plan for a potentially optimized execution are diverse and increasingly(More)
This study involved 12 in-depth interviews of inner city rehabilitating substance abusers. An exploration of their perception about their families of origin and their families of today was the purpose of this study. The topic outline, coding system, and qualitative analysis was guided by concepts of the framework of systemic organization. Common family(More)
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