Jesse Metzger

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To examine behaviors that could influence STD/HIV transmission in Bangladesh's trucking industry, a survey was orally administered to 388 truck drivers/helpers at Tejgaon truck stand in Dhaka. A two-tiered sampling strategy was used: 38 trucking agencies were randomly selected and a mean of 10.2 subjects was recruited from each agency. Focus group and(More)
OBJECTIVE The general theory of defense mechanisms posits that stress is associated with using defenses lower on the hierarchy of defensive adaptation. Some have observed that individuals with cancer use certain defenses, such as repression, denial, and immature defenses. This cross-sectional study examined four hypotheses about defensive functioning in a(More)
This issue of Journal of Clinical Psychology: In Session is devoted to the clinical appreciation of defense mechanisms. This construct is one of the early cornerstones of psychoanalysis and psychodynamic psychology, first described and conceptualized by Sigmund Freud in 1894. Since then we have had 120 years of developments in theory, methods of clinical(More)
This article addresses the question "Why do people become psychotherapists?" via two approaches. The first involves an examination of the empirical and clinical literature on motivations and influences common to most psychotherapists. The second approach explores multiple pathways to becoming a psychotherapist by considering distinct gender-linked career(More)
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