Jesse M. Lewin

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BACKGROUND The use of electrosurgery and lasers by dermatologists and dermatologic surgeons has increased in recent years with the growth of technology and procedures performed. These devices produce surgical smoke that has been demonstrated to harbor live viruses and bacteria in addition to hazardous chemicals. OBJECTIVE We sought to review the(More)
Background: We investigated whether liver-minus-spleen (L-S) attenuation differences can accurately diagnose fatty infiltration of the liver on contrast-enhanced computed tomography (CT). Methods: A group of 78 patients administered a fast injection (90-s duration) of 150 mL 60% ionic contrast was compared with 81 patients given a slow injection (152.5 s).(More)
PURPOSE Breast radiotherapy (BrRT) often includes a "boost" to the lumpectomy bed. Selection of an appropriate electron energy and field size is based upon the dimensions and location of the surgical cavity. This study was performed to confirm our impression that ultrasound (US) inadequately defines the volume at risk compared to radiographic evaluation of(More)
STUDY DESIGN Utility of using computed tomography to predict pedicle screw misplacement. OBJECTIVE This study defines the sensitivity and specificity of predicting pedicle screw placement by experienced clinicians using a CT scan image. SUMMARY OF BACKGROUND DATA In clinical and research settings, the method most commonly used to evaluate pedicle screws(More)
BACKGROUND We developed a large animal model of the "cannot intubate/cannot ventilate" (CNI/V) scenario to compare percutaneous transcricoid manual jet ventilation (MJV) with surgical cricothyroidotomy (SC). METHODS Twelve sheep weighing 40-80 kg were assigned to MJV or SC groups. After sedation, intubation, and line placement, CNI/V was simulated by(More)
In the present study, we investigated whether cholecystokinin (CCK) or its structurally related peptide gastrin participates in long term regulation of adipocyte leptin secretion. The levels of circulating leptin observed after 2 and 6 h of refeeding in 18-h fast rats were significantly lowered by injection of the specific gastrin/CCK-B receptor antagonist(More)
The authors present a case of erythema multiforme-like drug reaction to the multikinase inhibitor sorafenib. While considered targeted therapy, multikinase inhibitors have been demonstrated to have various cutaneous effects. It is important to distinguish allergic reactions from adverse side effects as the latter may permit cautious re-challenge with(More)
A 24-year-old Bangladeshi man presented with a 12-week history of a pruritic papule on his left elbow that had enlarged and ulcerated. He was without any constitutional or systemic symptoms. He reported a history of extensive travel in the two years prior to presentation that included Bangladesh, South and Central America, and Mexico. Histopathologic(More)