Jesse J. Sabatini

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Fluorous mixture synthesis minimizes the effort to synthesize small molecule libraries by labeling the molecules rather than the reaction vessels. Reactants are labeled with fluorinated tags and products can later be demixed based on fluorine content. A limit in the number of available tags can be overcome by using binary encoding so that a total of four(More)
The development of perchlorate-free hand-held signal illuminants for the US Army's M195 green star parachute is described. Compared with the perchlorate-containing control, the optimized perchlorate-free illuminants were less sensitive toward various ignition stimuli while offering comparable burn times and visible-light outputs. The results were also(More)
This review discusses the recent advances in the syntheses of high explosive energetic materials. Syntheses of some relevant modern primary explosives and secondary high explosives, and the sensitivities and properties of these molecules are provided. In addition to the synthesis of such materials, processing improvement and formulating aspects using these(More)
Green-light-emitting pyrotechnic compositions based on tris(2,2,2-trinitroethyl)borate (TNEB) and boron carbide have been investigated. The best performing formulations were found to be insensitive to various ignition stimuli, and exhibited very high spectral purities and luminosities compared to previously reported green-light-emitting formulations.
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