Jesse Heyninck

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In this paper we make a contribution to the unification of formal models of defeasible reasoning. We present several translations between formal argumentation frameworks and nonmonotonic logics for reasoning with plausible assumptions. More specifically, we translate adaptive logics into assumption-based argumentation and ASPIC, ASPIC into assumption-based(More)
In structured argumentation frameworks such as ASPIC, rebuts are only allowed in conclusions produced by defeasible rules. This has been criticized as counter-intuitive especially in dialectical contexts. In this paper we show that ASPIC−, a system allowing for unrestricted rebuts, suffers from contamination problems. We remedy this shortcoming by(More)
We extend the <i>ASPIC</i><sup>+</sup> framework for structured argumentation so as to allow applications of the reasoning by cases inference scheme for defeasible arguments. Given an argument with conclusion '<i>A</i> or <i>B</i>', an argument based on <i>A</i> with conclusion <i>C</i>, and an argument based on <i>B</i> with conclusion <i>C</i>, we allow(More)
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