Jesse Hansen

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CTP Synthetase (CtpS) is a universally conserved and essential metabolic enzyme. While many enzymes form small oligomers, CtpS forms large-scale filamentous structures of unknown function in prokaryotes and eukaryotes. By simultaneously monitoring CtpS polymerization and enzymatic activity, we show that polymerization inhibits activity, and CtpS's product,(More)
We have developed a novel approach to speech feature extraction based on a modulation model of a band-pass signal. Speech is processed by a bank of band-pass filters. At the output of the band-pass filters the signal is subjected to a log-derivative operation which naturally decomposes the band-pass signal into analytic (called «´Øµ · «) and anti-analytic(More)
A number of approaches to parametric estimation of signal phase are addressed. The goal is to estimate the phase, or more precisely, the parameters of the phase of a signal corrupted by white Gaussian noise. Signal models are restricted to those with linear and quadratic phase, but many of the results presented are applicable to signals with higher order(More)
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