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We have developed a novel approach to speech feature extraction based on a modulation model of a band-pass signal. Speech is processed by a bank of band-pass filters. At the output of the band-pass filters the signal is subjected to a log-derivative operation which naturally decomposes the band-pass signal into analytic (called «´Øµ · «) and anti-analytic(More)
A number of approaches to parametric estimation of signal phase are addressed. The goal is to estimate the phase, or more precisely, the parameters of the phase of a signal corrupted by white Gaussian noise. Signal models are restricted to those with linear and quadratic phase, but many of the results presented are applicable to signals with higher order(More)
The current research examines Colorado's experience implementing evidence-based mandated treatment Standards, which use a uniform risk assessment, differentiated treatment levels, offender competencies, and a multidisciplinary treatment team (MTT) composed of a victim advocate, probation officer, and treatment provider to manage offender treatment. Using(More)
Youth with sexually problematic behaviors are impacted by the reciprocal interplay between individual characteristics and the key social and ecological systems in which they are embedded. The paucity of research on protective factors mitigating risks within various socioecological systems is of concern, as the school is one such system that has been(More)
In this experiment we are asked to compress discrete time data by storing only the most significant points of the data's FFT. If every point in the FFT is stored, it is possible to recover the original signal exactly. But by effectively zeroing out less significant points in the FFT, we elect to introduce some error into the reconstructed signal in order to(More)
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