Jesse Greener

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We report a study of the continuous generation of polymer particles in parallel multiple modular microfluidic (M3) reactors. Each module consisted of sixteen parallel microfluidic reactors comprising emulsification and polymerization compartments. We identified and minimized the effects of the following factors that could result in the broadening of the(More)
Elasticity of cellular microenvironments strongly influences cell motility, phagocytosis, growth and differentiation. Currently, the relationship between the cell behaviour and matrix stiffness is being studied for cells seeded on planar substrates, however in three-dimensional (3D) microenvironments cells may experience mechanical signalling that is(More)
Tidal volume together with end-inspiratory pressure was measured in four seated healthy men, during normal breathing and during single inspirations taken from a series of rigid containers which provided added elastances (range: 5-70 cmH2O/l). Experiments were performed both during quiet breathing and during ventilation increased by added dead space. Added(More)
Although Nature has always been a common source of inspiration in the development of artificial materials, only recently has the ability of man-made materials to produce complex three-dimensional (3D) structures from two-dimensional sheets been explored. Here we present a new approach to the self-shaping of soft matter that mimics fibrous plant tissues by(More)
We report solution-based side-by-side self-assembly of Au-tipped CdSe nanorods (NRs) in large two-dimensional superlattices and the deposition of these lattices on a substrate with NRs aligned perpendicular to the surface. The side-by-side assembly of the NRs was triggered by changing the solvent quality for the ligands coating the long side of the(More)
Nanomaterials with vectoral electromagnetic properties have potential applications in solar cells, plasmonic cavity resonators, light polarizers, and biosensing. Here a new, simple, solution-based method for producing nanomaterials comprising vertically aligned standing arrays of gold nanorods (NRs) end-functionalized with polymer ligands is reported. The(More)
We report a cost-efficient and easy to implement process for fabricating microfluidic reactors in thermoplastic materials. The method includes (i) the fabrication of an imprint template (master), which consists of a photoresist deposited on a metal plate; (ii) the thermoembossing of the reactor features into polymer sheets; (iii) the activation of the(More)
We present a new concept for studies of the kinetics of fast gas-liquid reactions. The strategy relies on the microfluidic generation of highly monodisperse gas bubbles in the liquid reaction medium and subsequent analysis of time-dependent changes in bubble dimensions. Using reactions of CO(2) with secondary amines as an exemplary system, we demonstrate(More)
We report the development of a versatile microfluidic (MF) reactor with multiple analytical probes, which can be used for (i) quantitative characterisation of molecular vibrational signatures of reactants or products, (ii) the localised real-time monitoring of temperature and (iii) site-specific measurements of pH of the reaction system. The analytical(More)
We report a cost-efficient Attenuated Total Reflection Fourier Transform Infrared Spectroscopy (ATR-FTIR) method for monitoring concentrations of solutes in solutions flowing through microfluidic channels. The method allows rapid acquisition of spectra and enables chemical characterisation and concentration measurements that are independent of the flow rate(More)