Jesse Gale

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INTRODUCTION Flight crew sleep is recognized as critical to alertness and safety, but few studies have compared the reliability of the different types of sleep monitoring that are commonly used. The present study compared actigraphic and subjective estimates of sleep to the gold standard, polysomnography (PSG). METHODS In-flight (25 episodes) and layover(More)
The 3-hydroxy-3-methylglutaryl coenzyme A (HMG-CoA) reductase inhibitors, or statins, are commonly prescribed for prevention of cardiovascular morbidity. A rare side effect of statin medication is the induction of autoimmune illnesses, including myasthenia gravis (myasthenia). Here we present two patients with seropositive myasthenia that developed 4 weeks(More)
BACKGROUND Smoking in film is a risk factor for smoking uptake in adolescence. This study aimed to quantify exposure to smoking in film received by New Zealand audiences, and evaluate potential interventions to reduce the quantity and impact of this exposure. METHODS The ten highest-grossing films in New Zealand for 2003 were each analysed independently(More)
BACKGROUND Leber׳s hereditary optic neuropathy usually causes rapid bilateral blindness in young adults, and thus represents a unique and severe psychologic stressor. OBJECTIVE We aimed to describe adjustment to this major life event, using a new tool to enhance recall of past affective states by using life event-related context. This is the largest (n =(More)
We describe a unique case in which a retinal slippage fold after right retinal detachment surgery resulted in a contralateral monocular scotoma. The scotoma in the left visual field matched the right retinal fold in visual space. This previously undescribed phenomenon could be explained by a lack of response from visual cortical neurons receiving inputs(More)
PURPOSE The aim of this study was to evaluate the effects of profound vision loss on psychological well-being in adolescents, young adults, and middle-aged adults with regard to mood, interpersonal interactions, and career-related goals. In addition, we assessed the significance of the resources that may be used to enhance psychological well-being in cases(More)
OBJECTIVE This study assessed the effect of removing artifacts from workplace electroencephalography (EEG) recordings on power spectra and the consequent interpretation of changes in alertness. METHODS EEG was recorded for 27 air traffic controllers on the night shifts of four roster cycles. On two of the four night shifts, each controller was given a(More)
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