Jesse Fitzpatrick

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Comprehensive care of the burned upper extremity requires accurate and complete evaluation of function, including two-point discrimination, active and passive range of motion, and grip strength. These evaluations, when performed serially during a course of therapy, are time-consuming and manpower-intensive. We tested the utility and accuracy of a(More)
Polybrominated diphenyl ethers (PBDEs), flame retardant chemicals added to polymer products, have become ubiquitous in the environment, and they are bioaccumulating in humans and wildlife. Therefore, understanding their biological effects is important for public health. We have previously observed learning deficits in rats exposed to DE-71, a commercial(More)
Despite advances in mechanical ventilatory support for patients with smoke inhalation injury, including the use of high-frequency flow-interruption ventilators such as the VDR, inhalation injury alone may increase mortality by as much as 20% in patients with thermal injury, and up to 60% when pneumonia occurs. Inhalation injury causes a primary large and(More)
METHODS From February 1996 through July 1997, 20 patients were determined to be appropriate for a thoracoscopic approach for the anterior portion of their spinal surgery. Ages ranged from 8 to 17 years of age and weight from 20 to 70 kg. The diagnosis included severe idiopathic and neurogenic scoliosis or kyphosis (n = 20) and congenital hemivertebra (n =(More)
Patients with tracheobronchial disease frequently require mechanical ventilation during therapy and experience iatrogenic complications such as barotrauma and volutrauma. The purpose of this study was to determine whether perfluorocarbon-associated gas exchange (PAGE) results in lower ventilatory pressures and more efficient ventilation than that provided(More)
The first major improvement in the treatment of burn injury came with the recognition of the importance of fluid resuscitation to prevent shock and renal failure. Subsequently, the use of topical antibiotics to control burn-wound infection and prevent invasive burn-wound sepsis led to the next significant reduction in morbidity and mortality of burn(More)
Benign cephalic histiocytosis is a rare skin condition consisting of small tan papules on the face and upper trunk that is believed not to be associated with internal organ involvement. The infiltrating histiocytes are not Langerhans' cells (LCs). We report a 5-year-old girl who presented with diabetes insipidus 1 year after developing multiple small brown(More)
OBJECTIVE To investigate the histological and immunohistochemical behaviour of free buccal mucosa and full-skin grafts after exposure to urine. MATERIALS AND METHODS A buccal mucosal graft and a full-skin graft were freely transferred into the bladder of 12 minipigs, after stripping the bladder mucosa. Endoscopic investigations were carried out 2 and 5(More)
The EEG alpha rhythm was recorded from 8 isolated canine brains in the absence of orbital contents, drug effect, or pulsatile cerebral blood flow. Abrupt shift to hypoxic perfusion, with maintenance of other perfusion variables, resulted in a loss of alpha coincident with a fall in CMRO2 and rise in oxygen deficit. It is concluded that the alpha rhythm(More)