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The introduction of computerized axial tomography (C.T.) in 1973 completely changed the diagnostic evaluation of acoustic neuromas. Seventy to eighty percent of all acoustic neuromas can be diagnosed with intravenous enhanced C.T. scan. Acoustic tumors with a diameter of less than 1.5 cm, however, are not consistently seen on C.T. scan. Twenty-six(More)
OBJECTIVES Primary care physicians and internal medicine residents have poor understanding of colorectal cancer screening and the use of fecal occult blood tests. If acceptance and implementation of colorectal cancer screening is to improve, gastroenterologists may have to take a more leading role in the education of their primary care colleagues,(More)
C-3'-Acyl-3'-xylothymidine-containing oligonucleotides have been designed and synthesized for their use as radical precursors in the study of oxidative DNA damage initiated by a C-3'-radical. These oligomers were efficiently obtained using automated DNA synthesis techniques based on H-phosphonate chemistry. CD spectra and melting curves of the synthesized(More)
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