Jesse E. Chen

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Although most human retrotransposons are inactive, both inactive and active retrotransposons drive genome evolution and may influence transcription through various mechanisms. In humans, three retrotransposon families are still active, but one of these, SVA, remains mysterious. Here we report the identification of a new subfamily of SVA, which apparently(More)
Version 1, 6 March 2005 This paper discusses behavioral models of RF blocks. The RF blocks amplify, filter, modulate, and demodulate RF carriers. The paper classifies behavioral RF models as either passband or baseband. Like device-level models, passband models explicitly simulate every cycle of the carrier. However, baseband models suppress the carrier to(More)
Existing nonlinear averaged models for current programmed converters are based on a steady-state formulation of the current mode control law. Although reasonably accurate at the lower frequencies (f << fswitching), these models tend to break down well before sampled-data effects nullify the assumptions underlying state-space averaging. Moreover, the SPICE(More)
We generated afatinib resistant clones of H1975 lung cancer cells by transient exposure of established tumors to the drug and collected the re-grown tumors. Afatinib resistant H1975 clones did not exhibit any additional mutations in proto-oncogenes when compared to control clones. Afatinib resistant H1975 tumor clones expressed less PTEN than control clones(More)
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