Jesse Drapekin

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OBJECTIVES Dysphagia may develop following antireflux surgery as a consequence of poor esophageal peristaltic reserve. We hypothesized that suboptimal contraction response following multiple rapid swallows (MRS) could be associated with chronic transit symptoms following antireflux surgery. METHODS Wet swallow and MRS responses on esophageal(More)
When multiple swallows are rapidly administered, esophageal peristalsis is inhibited, and pronounced lower esophageal sphincter relaxation ensues. After the last swallow of the series, a robust contraction sequence results. The authors hypothesize that multiple rapid swallows (MRS) may have value in predicting esophageal transit symptoms in patients(More)
BACKGROUND Esophageal peristalsis consists of a chain of contracting striated and smooth muscle segments on high resolution manometry (HRM). We compared smooth muscle contraction segments in symptomatic subjects with reflux disease to healthy controls. METHODS High resolution manometry Clouse plots were analyzed in 110 subjects with reflux disease (50 ±(More)
BACKGROUND Both simple proportions and statistical tests are utilised for symptom-reflux association. We systematically compared three such tests in a clinical setting. AIM To compare the three commonly used symptom reflux association tests in a large cohort of patients undergoing ambulatory pH monitoring for the evaluation of oesophageal symptoms. (More)
Symptom reflux association (SRA) assesses symptoms associated with reflux events defined by pH <4.0, but limited symptoms associate with reflux events. We evaluated the impact of alternate pH thresholds on SRA in a large ambulatory pH database. Acid exposure time (AET), reflux events, and associated symptoms (within 2 minutes following a reflux event) were(More)
BACKGROUND High-resolution manometry (HRM) utilizes software tools to diagnose esophageal motor disorders. Performance of these software metrics could be affected by averaging and by software characteristics of different manufacturers. METHODS High-resolution manometry studies on 86 patients referred for antireflux surgery (61.6 ± 1.4 year, 70% F) and 20(More)
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