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When human capital threatens the Capitol
How does aid in the form of training influence foreign militaries’ relationship to domestic politics? The United States has trained tens of thousands of officers in foreign militaries with the goalsExpand
The stability and breakdown of empire: European informal empire in China, the Ottoman Empire and Egypt
Most theories of empire and international hierarchy have implicitly or explicitly posited disparities of power between the core and the periphery as a sufficient condition for the stability ofExpand
Political Survival and Sovereignty in International Relations
Why do political actors willingly give up sovereignty to another state, or choose to resist, sometimes to the point of violence? Jesse Dillon Savage demonstrates the role that domestic politics playsExpand
Military Size and the Effectiveness of Democracy Assistance
Countries interested in the promotion of political development often provide aid in the form of democracy assistance. However, some regimes resist these attempts to promote democracy, introducingExpand
Force Composition and Peacekeeper Effectiveness
Peacekeeping missions are increasingly drawing upon forces from developing countries as well as established liberal democracies. As a result, most peacekeeping missions, especially the more dangerousExpand
Political Survival and International Hierarchy: Evidence from Post-Soviet Georgia
The choice to give up sovereignty to another state helps explain the development of international hierarchy, while resistance often results in conflict as states instead use coercion to assert theirExpand