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biggest contribution of Vincenti's splendidly crafted book may well be that it offers us a believably human image of the engineer. Offers a brief illustrated history of aviation by highlighting important developments from the first balloon in 1783 to the first winged spacecraft nearly two hundred years later.. The shoulders of giants a history of human(More)
The title compound, [HP(CH3)3][IrCl4{(H3C)3P}2], consists of a tri-methyl-phospho-nium cation and a tetra-chlorido-bis-(tri-methyl-phosphane)iridate(III) anion. The anion has an octa-hedral arrangement of ligands, with the tri-methyl-phosphane groups occupying trans positions. The Ir(III) atom sits on an inversion center with one P(CH3)3 ligand and two(More)
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