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Two patients with spinocerebellar degeneration made abnormally slow horizontal refixations. One patient produced quick phases of nystagmus with identical maximum velocities, suggesting her refixations were abnormal saccades and not voluntary pursuit movements. In response to double target jumps, neither patient showed an obligatory refractory period after(More)
We report 3 patients, ages 5, 9 and 13 years, with mutism following posterior fossa surgery (PFS). All presented with headache of 10-180 days duration, excellent premorbid learning performance and paucity of neurologic signs. Radiographic studies demonstrated large posterior fossa tumor occupying the fourth ventricle, and hydrocephalus, leading to gross(More)
The present study examined psychological coping styles and mental health treatment histories in veterans with PTSD. This study also served as a replication and extension of an earlier investigation that assessed the prevalence of PTSD in World War II, Korea, and Vietnam combat veterans who were seeking medical treatment. Thirty-six combat veteran medical(More)
We report 11 children with a homogeneous clinical syndrome affecting both sexes, characterized by weakness at birth, slowly improving course, weakness of all muscle groups, arreflexia, elevated blood creatine kinase, normal nerve conduction velocity, dystrophic changes on muscle biopsy, and diffuse periventricular cortical white-matter abnormalities with(More)
Increased oxygen transport by the circulation is normally tightly coupled to increased oxygen uptake (VO2) during exercise; cardiac output (Q) increases 5 to 6 liters for every liter of increased oxygen utilization (delta Q/delta VO2 congruent to 5). We measured cardiac output and oxygen uptake at rest and during bicycle exercise in 7 patients with myalgia(More)
A gastric delivery system (GDS) for iron supplementation was evaluated. Radioisotopic studies in 9 volunteers demonstrated a three-fold higher absorption of GDS iron compared with ferrous sulphate elixir. A double-blind placebo controlled trial was done in 200 women to compare the gastrointestinal side-effects associated with 50 mg iron daily given either(More)