Jessalyn Alvina

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Millions of people go to the Web to search for geographical itineraries. Inspecting those map itineraries remains tedious because they seldom fit on screen, requiring much panning & zooming to see details. Focus+context techniques address this problem by displaying routes at a scale that allows them to fully fit on screen: users see the entire route at(More)
Gesture-typing is an efficient, easy-to-learn, and errortolerant technique for entering text on software keyboards. Our goal is to "recycle" users' otherwise-unused gesture variation to create rich output under the users' control, without sacrificing accuracy. Experiment 1 reveals a high level of existing gesture variation, even for accurate text, and shows(More)
Previous works illustrate that one's palm can reliably recognize 10 or more spatiotemporal vibrotactile patterns. However, recognition of the same patterns on other body parts is unknown. In this paper, we investigate how users perceive spatiotemporal vibrotactile patterns on the arm, palm, thigh, and waist. Results of the first two experiments indicate(More)
CommandBoard offers a simple, efficient and incrementally learnable technique for issuing gesture commands from a soft keyboard. We transform the area above the keyboard into a command-gesture input space that lets users draw unique command gestures or type command names followed by execute. Novices who pause see an in-context dynamic guide, whereas experts(More)
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