Jess Edmondson

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Podoplanin (RTI40, aggrus, T1alpha, hT1alpha-2, E11, PA2.26, RANDAM-2, gp36, gp38, gp40, OTS8) is a type I cell marker in rat lung. We show that a bacterial artificial chromosome vector containing the rat podoplanin gene (RTIbac) delivers a pattern of transgene expression in lung that is more restricted to mouse type I cells than that of the endogenous(More)
Surfactant protein (SP)-A is a member of the collectin family of proteins. In vitro , SPA binds influenza A virus (IAV), neutralizes infectivity, and enhances uptake by macrophages. SP-D also binds and neutralizes certain strains of IAV. To determine if SPA has a role in protecting the intact animal against IAV infection, we inoculated gene-targeted(More)
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