Jess Aimee White

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To provide a broad analysis of gene expression in developing Arabidopsis seeds, microarrays have been produced that display approximately 2,600 seed-expressed genes. DNA for genes spotted on the arrays were selected from >10,000 clones partially sequenced from a cDNA library of developing seeds. Based on a series of controls, sensitivity of the arrays was(More)
Electron microscopic observation of thin sections of rice (Oryza sativa L.) endosperm revealed two types of protein bodies (PBs): spherical and irregular-shaped ones. Immunocytochemical localization studies using antibodies raised against purified glutelins, prolamines, and globulins indicated that the prolamines were localized in the spherical PB, whereas(More)
Haynaldia villosa is a wild grass belonging to the tribe Triticeae, which includes important crops such as wheat, barley, and rye. The alcohol-soluble proteins ofH. villosa have extensive immunological relatedness with wheat prolamines as visualized by Western blot analysis. Amorphous protein inclusions surrounded by a limiting membrane are commonly found(More)
As part of the research project, an extended literature review was undertaken to distinguish the relationship between hepcidin, the iron regulatory protein, and its role in the progression of carcinogenesis, based on regulation and expression in iron abundant cells. The review also aims to critically assess hepcidin’s role in iron metabolism and the link(More)
Deoxysugars are critical structural elements for the bioactivity of many natural products. Ongoing work on elucidating a variety of deoxysugar biosynthetic pathways has paved the way for manipulation of these pathways for the generation of structurally diverse glycosylated natural products. In the course of this work, the biosynthesis of d-mycaminose in the(More)
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