Jesper Winther Larsen

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We examined the stability of standard curves obtained with use of homogeneous enzyme immunoassay reagents (EMIT; Syva Corp., Palo Alto, CA) for assay of lidocaine, procainamide, N-acetylprocainamide, gentamicin, and theophylline, when stored at room temperature (23-24 degrees C) after reconstitution of the lyophilized materials. Standards were run and(More)
Preface The present thesis " Nonlinear Dynamics of Wind Turbine Wings " has been prepared in connection with a Ph.D. study carried out in the great interest in the project and persistent guidance throughout my study. During a 4 months stay at the DUWIND group, Delft University, the Netherlands, I was introduced to the fields of computational fluid dynamics(More)
An automatic torque magnetometer has been developed for use in high-pressure hydeogen. It will contain pressures ranging from vacuum to 200 atm of hydrogen gas at sample temperatures greater than 400 degrees C. This magnetometer, which uses an optical lever postion sensor and a restoring force technique has an operating range of 2.0x10(3) dyn cm to(More)
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