Jesper R. Christiansen

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A laboratory experiment was conducted with two types of closed static chambers to estimate the effects of chamber placement, manual headspace sampling and headspace mixing on methane (CH4) fluxes. Chamber fluxes were compared to a known reference flux in a chamber calibration system. The measurements were conducted with three types of soils (coarse dry,(More)
At most sites the magnitude of soil-atmosphere exchange of nitrous dioxide (N2O), carbon dioxide (CO2) and methane (CH4) was estimated based on a few chambers located in a limited area. Topography has been demonstrated to influence the production and consumption of these gases in temperate ecosystems, but this aspect has often been ignored in tropical(More)
Most studies of greenhouse gas fluxes from forest soils in the coastal rainforest have considered carbon dioxide (CO2), whereas methane (CH4) has not received the same attention. Soil hydrology is a key driver of CH4 dynamics in ecosystems, but the impact on the function and distribution of the underlying microbial communities involved in CH4 cycling and(More)
We investigated the influence of tree species on the natural 15N abundance in forest stands under elevated ambient N deposition. We analysed δ15N in litter, the forest floor and three mineral soil horizons along with ecosystem N status variables at six sites planted three decades ago with five European broadleaved tree species and Norway spruce. Litter δ15N(More)
The effects of colour reconnection (CR) at e+e− colliders are revisited, with focus on recently developed CR models. The new models are compared with the LEP2 measurements for e+e− → W+W− → q1q2q3q4 and found to lie within their limits. Prospects for constraints from new high-luminosity e+e− colliders are discussed. The novel arena of CR in Higgs decays is(More)
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