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In Search of Identity and Legitimation
In the late 1970s, neoinstitutional and organizational culture theorists challenged prevailing rationalist organizational paradigms by introducing social constructionism to the field ofExpand
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Shielding Idiosyncrasy from Isomorphic Pressures: Towards Optimal Distinctiveness in European Filmmaking
This paper advances a micro theory of creative action by examining how distinctive artists shield their idiosyncratic styles from the isomorphic pressures of a field. It draws on the cases of threeExpand
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European Constructions of an American Model
In this article we study the patterns of proliferation, circulation and transformation of MBA programmes in Europe. The article seeks to address two important questions: First, why is it that theExpand
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Liquid-infiltrated photonic crystals: enhanced light-matter interactions for lab-on-a-chip applications
Optical techniques are finding widespread use in analytical chemistry for chemical and bio-chemical analysis. During the past decade, there has been an increasing emphasis on miniaturization ofExpand
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From Label to Practice: The Process of Creating New Nordic Cuisine
This article examines the process of creation of new Nordic cuisine (NNC) as a culinary innovation, focusing on the main stages, actors, and mechanisms that shaped the new label and its practices andExpand
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Institutional Work: Scandinavian institutionalism – a case of institutional work
I nstitutional theory has witnessed a fairly successful stream of research and has witnessed a renaissance within the social sciences over the last couple of decades. This has created a diffusion ofExpand
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