Jesper Nilsson

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The function of a parity generator/checker, which is an essential operation for detecting errors in data transmission, has been realized with multiphotochromic switches by taking advantage of a neuron-like fluorescence response and reversible light-induced transformations between the implicated isomers.
Small molecule nonpeptidic mimics of α-helices are widely recognised as protein-protein interaction (PPIs) inhibitors. Protein-protein interactions mediate virtually all important regulatory pathways in a cell, and the ability to control and modulate PPIs is therefore of great significance to basic biology, where controlled disruption of protein networks is(More)
Proto-oncogene tyrosine-protein kinase receptor RET is implicated in the development and maintenance of neurons of the central and peripheral nervous systems. Attaching activity-compromising photocleavable groups (caging) to inhibitors could allow for external spatiotemporally controlled inhibition using light, potentially providing novel information on how(More)
REarranged during Transfection (RET) is a transmembrane receptor tyrosine kinase required for normal development and maintenance of neurons of the central and peripheral nervous systems. Deregulation of RET and hyperactivity of the RET kinase is intimately connected to several types of human cancers, most notably thyroid cancers, making it an attractive(More)
This master thesis discusses the design and the implementation of an own developed wavelet-based codec for both video and image compression. The codec is specifically designed for low bitrate video with minimum complexity for use in online gaming environments. Results indicate that the performance of the codec in many areas equals or even surpasses that of(More)
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