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Using a precise and accurate ultrasonic scanning technique we have measured the volume of the thyroid gland in vivo in 271 healthy subjects (13-91 yr old). In these subjects the mean (+/- SD) thyroid volume was 18.6 +/- 4.5 ml. A significant difference between males (19.6 +/- 4.7 ml; n = 139) and females (17.5 +/- 4.2 ml; n = 132) was found (P less than(More)
The mechanism of proteinuria at high altitude is unclear. Renal function and urinary excretion rate of albumin (Ualb) at rest and during submaximal exercise and transcapillary escape rate of 125I-labeled albumin (TERalb) were investigated in 12 normal volunteers at sea level and after rapid and passive ascent to 4,350 m. The calcium antagonist isradipine (5(More)
OBJECTIVE To investigate the long term effect of radioactive iodine on thyroid function and size in patients with non-toxic multinodular goitre. DESIGN Consecutive patients with multinodular non-toxic goitre selected for radioactive iodine treatment and followed for a minimum of 12 months (median 48 months) after an intended dose of 3.7 MBq/g thyroid(More)
The results of 131I treatment in combination with pre- and post-treatment with carbimazole (n = 122) were compared to the results of 131I used as the only antithyroid treatment (n = 203). The two groups of patients were fully comparable in regard to age, size of goitre and time of observation, and the same diagnostic criteria and dosage regimen of 131I were(More)
The influence on the metabolism of phenytoin of some sulfonamides given in common clinical doses has been studied. In single dose experiments sulfaphenazole increased phenytoin half-life (T/2) by 237% and decreased phenytoin metabolic clearance rate (MCR) by 67%. Sulfadiazine, sulfamethiazole, sulfamethoxazole + trimethoprim and trimethoprim increased(More)
HLA typing of 86 patients with Graves' disease was performed for the A, B, C and D series antigens. An increased frequency of HLA-B8 (47 per cent) and Dw3 (51 per cent) compared with controls (23.7 and 21 per cent, respectively) was observed. The increase of B8 and Dw3 was almost exclusively found in a group of 48 patients with relapse of disease, whereas(More)
Previous reports regarding the efficacy of levo-T4 (L-T4) in preventing postoperative recurrence of nontoxic goiter have been controversial. This study was designed to evaluate the influence of long-term L-T4 treatment on thyroid volume after thyroidectomy for nontoxic goiter. We studied 202 consecutive patients operated on for benign nontoxic goiter and(More)
In order to evaluate the influence of thyroxine treatment on thyroid volume after thyroidectomy for non-toxic goitre 110 consecutive patients were randomised to receive thyroxine (150 micrograms daily) or no treatment three months after operation. Thyroid volume determined by ultrasonography did not differ significantly between the two groups one year after(More)