Jesper Lohse

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OBJECTIVES Fetal nucleated red blood cells (NRBC) that enter the peripheral blood of the mother are suitable for non-invasive prenatal diagnosis. The application of peptide nucleic acid (PNA) probes for tyramide amplified flow fluorescence in situ hybridization (FISH) detection of gamma-globin mRNA in fixed fetal NRBC is investigated. METHODS(More)
AIM Expression of the base excision repair enzyme alkylpurine-DNA-N-glycosylase (APNG) has been correlated to temozolomide resistance. Our aim was to evaluate the prognostic value of APNG in a population-based cohort with 242 gliomas including 185 glioblastomas (GBMs). Cellular heterogeneity of GBMs was taken into account by excluding APNG expression in(More)
In clinical routine pathology today, detection of protein in intact formalin-fixed, paraffin-embedded tissue is limited to immunohistochemistry, which is semi-quantitative. This study presents a new and reliable quantitative immunohistochemistry method, qIHC, based on a novel amplification system that enables quantification of protein directly in(More)
Novel reporters have been synthesized with extended hydrophilic linkers that in combination with polymerizing cross-linkers result in very efficient reporter deposition. By utilizing antibodies to stain HER2 proteins in a cell line model it is demonstrated that the method is highly specific and sensitive with virtually no background. The detection of HER2(More)
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