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The preferred management option for municipal solid waste incinerator (MSWI) bottom ash in Denmark is utilisation rather than landfilling, but the current environmental quality criteria for bottom ash to be utilised in bulk quantities are rather strict. To evaluate the impact and risk assessments, upon which those criteria are based, a large-scale test site(More)
A high-power narrow-linewidth laser system based on a tapered semiconductor optical amplifier in external cavity is demonstrated. The external cavity laser system uses a new tapered amplifier with a super-large optical-cavity (SLOC) design that leads to improved performance of the external cavity diode lasers. The laser system is tunable over a 29 nm range(More)
Some results are given for a 5-year study to establish standard operation procedures for roe deer (Capreolus capreolus). The criteria for bioindication of roe deer are listed for three forestry districts in the east of Lower Saxony (Braunschweig, Fallersleben, Lappwald). The organs investigated for use are liver, kidney, kidney fat, brain and were collected(More)
Building on knowledge management discussions, the paper discusses how environmental knowledge are created and communicated in enterprises and sectors, taking communication on environmental properties of chemical in industrial production as a case. Knowledge is conceived as situated enacted practice making the task of environmental communication a problem of(More)
The first local oscillators based on moving magnetic flux quanta in long Josephson junctions are being developed for superconducting integrated quasi-optical SIS receivers. In order to further refine these oscillators one has to understand the complex dynamics of these devices. Since the local tunnel current is one of the most important internal junction(More)
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