Jesper Hoeksma

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Mechanical ventilation has the potential to cause lung injury, and the role of complement activation herein is uncertain. We hypothesized that inhibition of the complement cascade by administration of plasma-derived human C1-esterase inhibitor (C1-INH) prevents ventilation-induced pulmonary complement activation, and as such attenuates lung inflammation and(More)
Nowadays the maritime operational picture is character-ised by a growing number of entities whose interactions and activities are constantly changing. To provide timely support in this dynamic environment, automated systems need to be equipped with tools— lacking in existing systems—for real-time prioritisation of the application tasks (missions), selection(More)
1 Problem description and aims On a yearly basis, at the North Sea there are thousands of ship movements, to and from Dutch ports, as well as vessels crossing over towards ports in other countries via shipping lanes that are considered the most busiest in the world (see the picture on the right). Adding complexity, the same shipping lanes are located near(More)
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