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This article discusses the role of embodiment in judgment and choice to (a) attain clarity on conceptual and methodological issues by presenting a literature review of prior empirical research on embodiment, (b) gain an integrative view on the topic of embodiment in judgment and choice by proposing somatic marker theory as a unifying conceptual framework(More)
Prior research has shown that preference fluency (i.e., the subjective feeling that forming a preference is easy or difficult) systematically influences consumer choices. When deciding on an option feels difficult, or requires effort, consumers are likely to select a different option or defer the decision. We find that under conditions of narrative(More)
The OpenCare Personal Communication Device (OCPCD) is an extension of the OpenCare Service Engine infrastructure in the shape of a mobile wrist or neck-born device for monitoring users vital signs and activity-level while not at home, and for allowing the user to remote control his home and communicate with others using the build-in cell phone module. It(More)
An encouraging trend of reductions in accidents and fatalities in the Danish construction industry, brought about by the combined sustained efforts of unions, management, and government, is suffering a reverse. While some large construction companies have achieved excellent safety records through effective internal programs combining rewards and penalties(More)
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