Jesper Asplund

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The importance of number of tablets for patient compliance was investigated in 160 patients with mild-moderate essential hypertension treated with a beta-adrenoceptor blocker and a thiazide diuretic. Mean BP at entry 146 +/- 16/92 +/- 8 mm Hg. All patients were given pindolol 10 mg and clopamide 5 mg in one combination tablet or in separate tablets for 4(More)
The majority of patients from 4 orthodontic clinics in the south west of Sweden who have had bonded retainers on upper or lower anterior teeth for a period of at least 5 years were examined. The total failure rate during 5 years of observation was 36 per cent, slightly higher in the maxilla than in the mandible. The retainer had become detached in 15 per(More)
Linear poly(urethane urea) containing a biodegradable soft segment and a hard segment built solely from methyl-2,6-diisocyanatehexanoate (LDI) is presented, using a procedure where no chain extender is required. By having LDI in excess, together with a soft segment, and adding water in the vapor phase continuously creates amines in situ resulting in hard(More)
Captopril (SQ 14 225), an orally active inhibitor of angiotensin converting enzyme, was evaluated in the treatment of primary (essential) hypertension in a placebo-controlled long-term study. In 24 patients allocated to captopril treatment, mean supine BP fell from 174 +/- 18/110 +/- 7 to 151 +/- 22/96 +/- 12 mmHg. Ten patients achieved a supine diastolic(More)
Seventy-four patients from four short-term studies of captopril in mild-moderate essential hypertension continued in a cooperative long-term efficacy and tolerance program. The duration of observation is 2- greater than 4 years, the total treatment time being 2434 months. No development of resistance to therapy was observed. The total daily dose of(More)
BACKGROUND Diabetic nephropathy is associated with renal structural changes involving all of the compartments. Most characteristic is the diabetic glomerulopathy. Studies of the histological changes during the early phases of nephropathy have included the glomerulopathy and also the juxtaglomerular structures. Neovascularization, well-known in diabetic(More)
  • J Asplund
  • British journal of clinical pharmacology
  • 1985
Fifty patients with mild essential (primary) hypertension entered a double-blind, parallel-group study with either nicardipine 30 mg three times daily or placebo, randomly assigned as monotherapy for 6 weeks. At the end of 6 weeks, the nicardipine-treated group had a statistically significant reduction in mean supine systolic/diastolic pressure of 21.2/15.0(More)
The effect of metoprolol, a beta1-selective receptor blocking agent without intrinsic stimulating activity, on blood pressure, pulse and plasma concentration 2 and 24 h after dose intake and on working capacity and perceived exertion 2 h after dose intake was investigated when given as 100 mg and 200 mg conventional tablets or 200 mg slow-release tablets(More)