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Large and high nitrogen (N) concentration seedlings frequently have higher survival and growth in Mediterranean forest plantations than seedlings with the opposite traits, which has been linked to the production of deeper and larger root systems in the former type of seedlings. This study assessed the influence of seedling size and N concentration on root(More)
This paper addresses the reliable classification of images in a 5-class problem. To this end, an automatic recognition system, based on conformal predictors and using Support Vector Machines (SVM) as the underlying algorithm has been developed and applied to the recognition of images in the Thomson Scattering Diagnostic of the TJ – II fusion device. Using(More)
The discovery and development of the o-iodoxybenzoic acid (IBX) reaction with certain unsaturated N-aryl amides (anilides) to form heterocycles are described. The application of the method to the synthesis of delta-lactams, cyclic urethanes, hydroxy amines, and amino sugars among other important building blocks and intermediates is detailed. In addition to(More)
Databases for fusion experiments are designed to store several million wave forms. Temporal evolution signals show the same patterns under the same plasma conditions and, therefore, pattern recognition techniques can allow identification of similar plasma behaviors. Further developments in this area must be focused on four aspects: large databases, feature(More)
In this paper, we propose a new unsupervised method to automatically characterize and detect events in multichannel signals. This method is used to identify artifacts in electroencephalogram (EEG) recordings of brain activity. The proposed algorithm has been evaluated and compared with a supervised method. To this end an example of the performance of the(More)
A new family of techniques, called conformal predictors, have very recently been developed to hedge the estimates of machine learning methods, by providing two parameters, credibility and confidence, which can assess the level of trust that can be attributed to their outputs. In this paper, the main steps required to extend this approach to fuzzy logic(More)