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We have used RNA in situ hybridization to study the regional expression of the Huntington's disease gene (HD) and its rat homologue in brain and selected nonneural tissues. The HD transcript was expressed throughout the brain in both rat and human, especially in the neurons of the dentate gyrus and pyramidal neurons of the hippocampal formation, cerebellar(More)
The effect of transient uteroplacental ischemia on nitric oxide (NO) levels, enzymatic activity, and expression of NO synthase (NOS) isoforms was studied in fetal rat brains. Fetuses were subjected to ischemia by clamping the uterine arteries for 5 min on gestational day 17 (GD17). At different times after ischemia, fetuses were delivered by Cesarean(More)
The RPCH and beta-actin cDNAs from the crayfish Cherax quadricarinatus were amplified, cloned and sequenced. The primary structure sequences of these cDNAs were compared to other members of the AKH/RPCH family. Fluctuations in the amount of the C. quadricarinatus RPCH and beta-actin mRNAs, as cDNAs, were quantified every 3h by RT-PCR. Single cosinor(More)
Precursor structures of various members of the neuropeptide family adipokinetic hormone/red pigment concentrating hormone (AKH/RPCH) of mandibular arthropods and the APGWamide family of mollusks were compared. Amino acid alignments showed a common overall architecture (signal peptide, active peptide, related peptide), with a similar alpha helix-random coil(More)
Evidence of health inequities associated with sexual orientation has been gathered for industrialized countries. The situation for lesbians, gay males, and bisexuals (LGB) from middle- or low-income countries may be worse than those in industrialized nations. Here, we analyze the relationship of sexual orientation with self-rated health and cigarette and(More)
Gonadotropin-releasing hormone (GnRH) and its receptor (GnRHR) are both expressed by a number of malignant tumors, including those of the breast. In the latter, both behave as potent inhibitors of invasion. Nevertheless, the signaling pathways whereby the activated GnRH/GnRHR system exerts this effect have not been clearly established. In this study, we(More)
Although tight junctions (TJ) have been extensively studied in simple epithelial cells, it is still unknown whether their organization is coupled to cell differentiation in stratified epithelia. We studied the expression of TJ in RCE1(5T5) cells, an in vitro model which mimics the sequential steps of rabbit corneal epithelial differentiation. RCE1(5T5)(More)
The splicing of the N exon in the pre-mRNA coding for the RE1-silencing transcription factor (REST) results in a truncated protein that modifies the expression pattern of some of its target genes. A weak 3'ss, three alternative 5'ss (N4-, N50-, and N62-5'ss) and a variety of putative target sites for splicing regulatory proteins are found around the N exon;(More)
In human hosts, Entamoeba histolytica cysts can develop into trophozoites, suggesting that the life cycle of this parasite are regulated by changes in gene expression. To date, some evidence has suggested that epigenetic mechanisms such as DNA methylation and histone modification are involved in the regulation of gene expression in Entamoeba. Some(More)
The open reading frame (ORF) of the gene for the precursor of the octapeptide Red Pigment Concentrating Hormone (RPCH) from the blue crab Callinectes sapidus was cloned by PCR with oligonucleotides targeted to the initiation and the end of the translation coding sequences. A 272 bp intron was characterized between nucleotides 343 and 344 of the reported(More)