Jesús V. Jorrín Novo

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Ana M. Maldonado Alconada1, Christian Lindermayr2, Jörg Durner2 Antonio Martínez-Ruiz3, Pablo Martínez-Acedo4, Samuel Ogueta5, Jesús Vázquez4, Jesús V. Jorrín Novo1 1Agricultural and Plant Biochemistry Research Group, Dpt. of Biochemistryand Molecular Biology, University of Córdoba. Córdoba, Spain; 2Institute for Biochemical Plant Pathology, GSF-Research(More)
We have studied in this work the natural variability in Holm oak (Quercus ilex subsp. ballota) by analyzing acorn morphometry and chemical composition in 13 populations from the Andalusia region (southern Spain). Acorn morphometry showed statistic significant differences between the populations with a higher acorn weight, length, and diameter in the(More)
INTRODUCTION Spontaneous cerebrospinal fluid otorrhea is a relatively rare entity and can be easily missed in adults. Every adult older than 50 years with a negative history of otologic disease who has recurrent serous otitis media should be evaluated for this pathology. Meningitis is the most serious complication, so there is no doubt that the condition(More)
Systemic acquired resistance (SAR) can be induced in plants by incompatible pathogens, pathogen derived extracts, or certain chemicals as benzothiadiazole (BTH). The aim of this work was to compare changes in peroxidase and chitinase activities, enzymes considered as PR-proteins, caused by BTH and the pathogen Plasmopara halstedii. Hypocotyls from(More)
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