Jesús Racero

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In a Proportional Representation (PR) electoral system it is assumed that seats are apportioned to the different electoral districts/states according to the corresponding voters’ distribution. In a previous paper we proposed a MILP (Mixed Integer Linear Programming) model to apportion the seats in the European Parliament (EP). Since the exact solution to(More)
Most metaheuristic approaches for discrete optimization are usually implemented from scratch. In this paper, we introduce and discuss FOM, an object-oriented framework for metaheuristic optimization to be used as a general tool for the development and the implementation of metaheuristic algorithms. The basic idea behind the framework is to separate the(More)
UNLABELLED Bacterial comfort is central to biotechnological applications. Here, we report the characterization of different sensoring systems, the first step within a broader synthetic biology-inspired light-mediated strategy to determine Escherichia coli perception of environmental factors critical to bacterial performance. We did so by directly 'asking'(More)
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