Jesús R. del Castillo

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Transepithelial Na+ transport is mediated by passive Na+ entry across the luminal membrane and exit through the basolateral membrane by two active mechanisms: the Na+/K+ pump and the second sodium pump. These processes are associated with the ouabain-sensitive Na+/K+-ATPase and the ouabain-insensitive, furosemide-inhibitable Na+-ATPase, respectively. Over(More)
Transepithelial sodium transport is a process that involves active Na(+) transport at the basolateral membrane of the epithelial cell. This process is mediated by the Na(+)/K(+) pump, which exchanges 3 internal Na(+) by 2 external K(+) inducing a net charge movement and the second Na(+) pump, which transports Na(+) accompanied by Cl(-) and water. It has(More)
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