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Compartments are units of cell lineage that subdivide territories with different developmental potential. In Drosophila, the wing and haltere discs are subdivided into anterior and posterior (A/P) compartments, which require the activity of Hedgehog, and into dorsal and ventral (D/V) compartments, needing Notch signaling. There is enrichment in actomyosin(More)
Case report A 71-year-old Caucasian female first presented in November 1977 with a painless swelling of the right parotid region of 9 months' duration. Examination demonstrated a pulsatile, mobile swelling situated just below the right angle of mandible, approximately 4 cm in diameter (Fig. 1). The swelling showed the sign of emptying. In addition, a right(More)
The inhibitory effect of fat in the upper small intestine was studied in dogs prepared with a Heidenhain pouch, gastric fistula, and jejunal fistula. Gastric secretion was stimulated by a constant intravenous infusion of pentagastrin, and emulsified olive oil was introduced into the jejunum. The small intestine of the dog was denervated by complete(More)