Jesús R. Curt

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A preliminary study of the rheological behaviour of visible gastric mucus in patients with duodenal ulcer and in controls indicates that duodenal ulceration is associated with an increase in the viscosity of visible gastric mucus. The methods of measuring the viscosity of gastric mucin are described and the limitations of simple capillary viscometry are(More)
Case report A 71-year-old Caucasian female first presented in November 1977 with a painless swelling of the right parotid region of 9 months' duration. Examination demonstrated a pulsatile, mobile swelling situated just below the right angle of mandible, approximately 4 cm in diameter (Fig. 1). The swelling showed the sign of emptying. In addition, a right(More)
Compartments are units of cell lineage that subdivide territories with different developmental potential. In Drosophila, the wing and haltere discs are subdivided into anterior and posterior (A/P) compartments, which require the activity of Hedgehog, and into dorsal and ventral (D/V) compartments, needing Notch signaling. There is enrichment in actomyosin(More)
Hox gene activity leads to morphological diversity of organs or structures in different species. One special case of Hox function is the elimination of a particular structure. The Abdominal-B Hox gene of Drosophila melanogaster provides an example of such activity, as this gene suppresses the formation of the seventh abdominal segment in the adult. This(More)